Teslin Laminated Cards and Key Fobs with Bar Codes

TBS offers TESLIN® superior synthetic paper solution for laminated cards, and key fobs with bar codes.


Lamination strength
When heated to melting temperatures, the laminate flows into the Teslin substrate’s polyolefin-silica, producing bonds up to 10 times stronger than other materials, which secures your data and extends the cards and fobs service life.

Print and data protection
Our inks and toners lock into the material, protecting critical print data as well as graphics and photography, preventing scratch off.

Protection of electronics
The Teslin plastic, is durable and flexible, protecting magnetic strips and embedded electronics, such as radio-frequency identification devices (RFIDs), computer chips and integrated circuits with cushions and dissipates static.

Platen or roll lamination-compatibility
Teslin plastic can be roll-laminated for high-volume sheet printing.

Finish flexibility
Teslin substrate is easy to die-cut into custom shapes, sizes and smaller form factors to accommodate branding-related design or specialized scanning equipment.


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