SimpleScan Station

Multilingual Touchscreen InterfaceAt the touch of a button, the SimpleScan Station’s interface language can be changed to one of over 25 different languages, making scanning accessible to users in their native language.

Accessibility — The accessibility feature makes it easier for visually-impaired and blind users to use the station by choosing the following features: magnifier, narrator and a high-contrast scheme.

Enhanced Authentication—LDAP, SMTP, Gmail (Send as a Gmail account holder) & more.

Standard 17” Touchscreen Computer—Point-of-sale grade computer with a rugged touchscreen that withstands constant touches without degradation in sensitivity or accuracy.  All computers come standard with solid-state hard drives.

Manage & Support all SimpleScan Stations from your web interface.

Flexible Charging—Multi-tiered discounts per output.

Full First Year Warranty Coverage — Hardware and software coverage begins on the day of installation, which includes any updates and upgrades that become available. TBS replaces defective units via our “advanced exchange program” to minimize downtime, providing assurance that is second to none.

Multilingual Translation Service to Text & Audio—Translate scanned text from one language to over 60 supported languages.  Converted files are sent to the user as a PDF or Word file, along with a subset of languages for MP3 audio files.  Our catalogue of languages is constantly growing.

OCR Powered by ABBYY® Fine Reader for unmatched Optical Character Recognition accuracy for searchable PDFs and Word documents, with 192 languages standard for OCR Multilingual capabilities.

One Pass Duplex Scanning—Scan both sides of the page in a single pass at 60 pages per minute. Will accommodate maximum paper size of 8.5” x 14” and minimum size as small as ID Cards.

Patented Book-Edge LED Scanner—Designed to protect your book’s spine, with a flatbed area of 11” x 17” for larger books or items.

Payment Gateways—TBS9900, Jamex, ITC, CBORD®, Blackboard™ & more.

PCI Compliant Credit & Debit Card Payment option—Utilize your own merchant for processing.

OCLC Article Exchange

ILLIAD & Odyssey

Scan, Create and Send:


Translation Service Translate a scan to one of over 60 supported languages.  The converted scan is sent as a PDF or Word File and a subset of languages for MP3 audio file conversion to any of the destinations above.

Scan to Fax – Faxes are transmitted via the internet; no phone lines are required.

Copy Function – Provides users with an easy way to utilize the SimpleScan Station as a copier replacement.


Saved Scan Items To

Scan items in just about any file format:

Multilingual User Interface and Accessibility

Multilingual User Interface — The SimpleScan Station multilingual interface allows users to switch on-screen text to one of 25 different languages.

Multilingual Translation Service to Text & Audio — Converts documents scanned in one of language to another language of the user’s choice with over 60 languages to choose from.  The converted scans can be sent as PDF or Word files and a translation subset for MP3 audio file conversion that can be sent to any of the SimpleScan “scan to” locations.

Accessibility — The accessibility feature makes it easier for visually-impaired and the blind users to use the station by utilizing the following features:

Magnifier—Enlarges part of the screen so the user can see words and images better.

Narrator— A screen narrator reads aloud the text that appears on screen along with any audio descriptions.

High Contrast—Utilizes a high contrast scheme for easier visibility.



Editing Capabilities

Resolution – Change the resolution of a scan from a standard resolution to a high quality resolution, or from high quality resolution to standard resolution.

Color Mode –Scan items in Black & White, Grayscale and Photo Color.

Page Arrange Easily reorder pages by dragging and dropping the pages into the desired order

Fit to Page – Resize the scanned item to fit on a standard letter size page.

Actual Size – Maintain the aspects of the originally scanned item.

Horizontal or Vertical Split – Pages can be split either horizontally or vertically by positioning the division bar at the dividing point.  Keep the split items, or keep the split items and the original scan.



The SimpleScan automatically crops, straightens and orients every scan as it is processed.

 Flatbed Scanner –  A document can be placed anywhere on the 11” x 17” flatbed, at any angle and the SimpleScan Station will straighten and fix that document.  Patented book-edge design eliminates blurry or dark imaging in a book’s gutter area.

Sheetfed Scanner – Scan both sides of a document in a single pass, including IDs.


All TBS scanners feature LED lamps making them safe for archive documents and photographs, with minimal warm up time, and rated for up to a million scans.    Click here to view additional scanner models.


SimpleScan Portal

SimpleScan Reporting

The SimpleScan Station includes a web portal for centralized reporting at no additional charge.

  • Reports include usage statistics for single units, selected units or an entire SimpleScan fleet.
  • The portal tracks usage based on scan options, including document delivery method, selected format and color settings.
  • Reports can be auto-generated and emailed on a recurring basis to any number of recipients on a monthly, quarterly, annual, multi-year, etc., basis.
  • Provides real-time fax status details.
  • Reports can be generated for accounting to reconcile billed services.
  • Reporting can be used to assist with workflow and equipment deployment strategies.
  • Analytics reporting included.


SimpleScan Management Dashboard

SimpleScan Remote Access gives you instant access to every SimpleScan Station within your fleet, all from your desk or mobile device.  No need to walk across campus or through a building when you can access the stations remotely.

  • Auto Updates for print management and reservation software.
  • Auto Alerts notifies system administrator via email of any detected failures, even if power is lost.
  • Schedule SimpleScan updates and upgrades or make feature changes remotely.
  • System allows for the management of Windows updates and upgrades.
  • Track inventory, hardware and software.
  • Test, trouble shoot and investigate reported issues from your desk as if you are standing in front of the station.
  • Provide staff and users with training remotely.


Support & Service

The TBS maintenance program is designed to keep the SimpleScan Station up and running with minimal downtime.  It includes unlimited telephone support, and support for new staff training.  All parts and labor are covered including normal maintenance, and consumables.

Hardware Maintenance — Includes all hardware replacement either same day or next day as part of our standard support plan.    For customers with our TBS SimpleScan maintenance package, TBS will pay for the shipping of replacement units along and the return shipment of the damaged or faulty units.

Software Maintenance— The TBS comprehensive maintenance program covers all software updates, upgrades, and feature enhancements as long as you own the product.



Screen Customization—Includes institution logos, screen resolution settings, screen text, and a customized copyright statement.

Welcome Message — Can be customized to have a unique greeting for your institution.

Charges for Services — Varying price levels are available for any service on the station, including different pricing for black and white, grayscale and color options.

Fax pricing structure — Pricing options include, charging a fee for cover pages, discounted first page, and a flat fee for all additional pages.    Fees can be collected via coin, bill, credit card, PaperCut account and many other optional charging methods.

Staff Control — Allows staff to bypass charging system.  Library staff always have full control of the SimpleScan Station for making changes, running reports or replacing hardware.

Additional Benefits

  • As part of their green initiative, many libraries and universities use the SimpleScan Station to cut paper consumption and toner waste.
  • The SimpleScan Station protects privacy and confidentiality through the use of passwords.
  • Scanned documents are safe and secure, as all scanned files and email addresses are deleted after each use.
  • The simple to use SimpleScan Station’s high-speed scanning capabilities expedite research and collaboration efforts for all users.
  • The SimpleScan Station makes citing references easier than ever.
  • The SimpleScan Station integrates with MyPC & PaperCut for time and print management on the station. The SimpleScan Station can also integrate with most pay for print systems on the market, so you don’t have to be tied to a particular vendor.
  • The SimpleScan Station is available for purchase or lease and has revenue sharing options (all options are directly through TBS).


The user-friendly components make the SimpleScan Station powerful and yet so simple to use, surpassing the capabilities of most multi-function devices.  It is the station’s functionality that eliminates user frustration, and the need to rescan pages or manually editing files after scanning; making the TBS SimpleScan the replacement unit of multi-function devices.



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