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Print management software doesn’t thrill everyone . . .
unless you’re talking about Uniprint.

Pharos Uniprint is the pioneer print management solution for institutions and libraries, and we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished: a workhorse solution of undisputed reliability and flexibility that’s secure, scalable, and user-friendly.

• Recover costs by charging users on the spot for their printing.
• Keep all documents and devices secure with our Secure Release Here® technology.
• Reduce print waste by 50% or more.
• Accurately and easily charge back print and copy expenses to internal departments and 3rd parties.
• Control and manage shared budgets and prevent overspending.
• Leverage your existing network and device investments.
• Give guest users access to secure print devices without needing to assign login credentials.


One for All
Uniprint is a single system that works with a mix and match of equipment manufacturers, models, and computer environments using the latest operating systems and servers. This unique level of convenience and flexibility allows you to build an effective print solution and fully manage your entire print ecosystem.

Unmatched Security
We designed Uniprint with advanced safeguard and encryption techniques to deter today’s hackers. You can be confident that our Uniprint solution is secure, stable, and working to achieve your
cost recovery and print management goals.

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Awareness at your Fingertips
Our integrated RSS feed brings critical information straight into your line of sight. Filtered specifically for your product version, our pop-up notifications and streaming updates let you know whenever new releases, hot fixes, and other important information is available.  All you need to do is click to begin your download.

Scalability for Growing Pains
Growth and change are positive developments, but managing growth can be a challenge. Uniprint grows along with you, and adapts to whatever complex situation you may find yourself in, whether it’s today or down the road. Rest assured that our software and the people who support it will be one consistent factor you can always count on.


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Users can easily manage their printing account via a web browser, including:

A View and release print jobs sent via Pharos Queues and Popups, including password protected jobs.

B Check available balance/funds in multiple Pharos banks and purses. Users can select their payment option and charge their print jobs to Third Party Charging , such as Cost Centers and Grants.

C View account activity history to review funds they’ve added or transferred, costs of various jobs (print, copy, scan), jobs that have been deleted or purged, and more. If a user has a job they have to dispute, they can easily find it in their activity list for reporting.

D Select from printers they previously used, or search for a different device they would like to use.

For organizations using MobilePrint with Uniprint, users can:

E Upload documents to the print queue.

F Modify finishing options for jobs submitted by e-mail or web upload (options include switching from color to monochrome, simplex vs. duplex, multi-up on a page, and setting the number of copies).  For organizations using the Credit Card Gateway with Uniprint, users can:

G Add funds directly to their Pharos banks via any major credit card, or paypal account.  For administrators, the Print Center functionality is configurable (print release can be turned off for all users forcing authentication at the print device). Additional functionality includes:

H Customize the Pharos Print Center to display their organization’s logo and brand colors.

I Add important links within the footer to direct users to other essential webpages and necessary documents.

J An additional “Funds Report” tab includes all PayPal transactions, with the option to export to Excel for reporting.

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Pay for Print
Charge users for print and copy to encourage responsible use of expensive resources.
• Define charges based on cost centers, individual users, or job features (black and white vs. color, 1-sided vs. 2-sided, etc.)
• Manage a shared print and copy budget with pre-established allocations and users.
• Set print quotas for specific amounts over any time period, and charge for print/copy only when allowances are exceeded.  Different quotas can be set for individuals and groups.

Job Accounting and Audit
Track usage and the amount of prevented print waste.
• Track usage by groups or individual users within transaction reports.
• Discover unprinted page volume and associated cost savings.

ADA Compliancy

Comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
• Give blind and visually impaired users the freedom to confidently act on their own and manage their own print jobs through Popups and the Pharos Station with an integration with JAWS software.
• Read relevant information to users guiding them when making a reservation, creating a new account, seeking standard job information, and paying for and releasing their print jobs.

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Departmental Chargeback
Allow specified groups of users to bill print jobs to a grant, contract, or program.
• Prevent overspending.
• Report on page volume, copy and print transactions, and associated charges allocated to each cost center.
• Simplify the process of billing print costs to third parties.
• Give users the opportunity to change the Cost Center they’d like charge their job to or charge to their own accounts before the job is printed.
• Ensure that confidential documents remain confidential by using Secure Release Here.
Credit Card Gateway (option)

The Credit Card Gateway Option increases flexibility for adding funds.
• Add funds securely to their Pharos account using their credit card, debit card, or PayPal™ account via the Pharos Print Center — anytime, from anywhere.
• Avoid walking to a Pharos kiosk or coin machine to add funds.
• Free up Pharos cashiers and administrators from handling coins and adding funds manually so they can focus on essential tasks.
• Provide end users the convenience of using credit or debit cards without needing their own payPal account.


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Print jobs are held on the network and released when the user is present to authenticate at the device and collect the document(s).
• Ensure that confidential documents are released and collected by their owner.
• Significantly reduce the accumulation of uncollected documents.
• Save users from rifling through stacks of paper to find their documents.
• Release print jobs at any Pharos-enabled printer, regardless of its manufacturer or location.
• Permit guests to print and copy without the added headache of assigning login credentials.

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Driverless Printing
MobilePrint does not require print drivers or any applications to be downloaded. All a user needs is a web browser or the ability to send e-mail. Print jobs can be easily sent from all versions and
flavors of Windows®, Mac, and Linux. It’s that simple.

Device Independence
Pharos MobilePrint allows you to release your print job at any Pharos-secured printer, regardless of its manufacturer or location. Organizations often have a mixed collection of printing devices  provided by different manufacturers.  MobilePrint provides the convenience and flexibility to work with all of them.
Secure Printing
MobilePrint can leverage our Secure Release Here® technology to provide superior document security. To release a print job, users must be present at the device to authenticate. Following successful authentication at the device, a list of their print jobs is displayed. They can simply select the job(s) they want to print and press “print” to collect their documents.

Submission Notifications
With e-mail submissions, users are immediately notified when their job is submitted successfully. They will also be notified if a job cannot be printed due to an unsupported file format. This immediate feedback gives the user an opportunity to  resubmit in a supported format before they go to a printer.

All of the most commonly printed file formats are supported, including*:
Adobe® Portable Document Format (.pdf)
Office Documents
• Microsoft® Office (.doc, .docx, .xls,.xlsx, .ppt, .pptx)
• Microsoft Outlook (.msg, .eml)
• Microsoft Publisher (.pub)
• Microsoft Visio (.vsd)
• Open Document Formats (.odt, .ods, .odp, .odg, .odf, .otg)
Image Files
• .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .png, .tiff
Text Formats
• Text files (.txt, .ini, .cfg)
• Rich Text Format (.rtf)
• Comma Separated Values (.csv)
E-mail Contents
• HTML as part of the e-mail body itself
(HTML links or attachments are not supported)
• E-mail in web links not requiring authenticated access
* See product documentation for a full list of supported file formats.


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• Unlock 24/7 support from other Pharos customers, partners, and subject matter experts on the topics that matter to you.
• Tap into the resources you need to get your job done, including software updates, webinars, events, and product announcements.
• Expand your knowledge and understanding of Uniprint features and benefits with videos, presentations, and documentation.

The best print solutions develop when collaborative and inquisitive minds get together.

And we can’t wait to start collaborating with you.


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