Today’s MFDs (multi-function devices) are smarter. They have touch screens and the ability to run software directly on the device’s panel.   PaperCut leverages this technology to bring new features to each device.  PaperCut is easily configured and suitable for sites of any size regardless of environment, platform or MFD printer make and model. PaperCut is currently utilized at over 70,000 sites worldwide and in over 100 countries, making PaperCut a product you can trust and easily afford.

PaperCut is regarded as the simplest system of its type to deploy and manage. System administrators have full access to administration and configuration via an easy-to-use web interface that offers:

  • TBS Staff Management Portal is a web-enabled dashboard for staff to easily manage tasks such as Reprinting, Staff Print Override and more, all through a single user interface.
  • User directory (e.g. Active Directory, LDAP) integration and automatic user account creation
  • Administrator dashboard with real-time status updates
  • Secure print release and “Find Me” printing
  • Smartphone & Tablet Printing compatible
  • Optional client and account billing
  • Ability to encourage responsible use via
    pop-up notifications

Supported Platforms

PaperCut Platefoms

What Makes PaperCut Unique?

  •  Embedded MFD Solutions-interfaces with all major MFD providers
  • Track all Printers/MFDs
  • Secure Print Release
  • Control and Report Use
  • Mobile Printing Compatible
  • Integrated Google Cloud Print
  • Browser based access to Reports, Administrative Tools & Print Override from Any Location
  • “Find-Me” Printing
  • Enforce Print Policy
  • Reduce Costs/Minimize Waste
  • End-User Web Portal with Add Value & Secure Credit Card Acceptance
  • Track and Budget Staff Printing
  • Platform Independent-supports Windows, Mac, Linux & Novell
  • Monitor Environmental Impact Automatically

Fully Integrates with
MyPC Computer Booking & Access Management

TBS Staff  Management Portal

The TBS Staff Management Portal is a single user web-enabled interface for staff to control printing and booking system tasks.  The staff portal features a centralized dashboard for staff to perform management tasks.  The portal is a browser-based interface that allows staff to log in from any web-enabled device to do their work.

Functionality includes a Reprint function, which allows staff to reprint sent print jobs that did not print properly, and the Print Override function, which allows staff release of patron print jobs.  Look for more innovative functionality to be added to the TBS Staff Portal in the near future.

The Daily Advantages of the CPad

  • Replaces your release station PC, regaining that asset PC for customer use while maximizing valuable floor space
  • Rapid identification using the barcode/RFID badge reader and ergonomic keyboard
  • A personalized interface for the identified user
  • Simple-to-use secure print release
  • Compatible with most printers and copiers on the market



How the CPad Works

The CPad brings all of PaperCut’s core functionality to output devices including:
– Secure Print Release
– PaperCut’s “Find Me” Printing
(release jobs from your queue at any printer)
– Charging to Shared Departments/Accounts

CPad works by locking the printer or copier until the user has been identified by PaperCut.

Users interact with the CPad via a rich 7” high-resolution touch screen that offers an intuitive interface. Printing and copying is tracked and reported to the PaperCut central server in real time.

For secure print release, users are presented with an onscreen list of print jobs and may release their jobs with one touch.



PaperCut includes over 50 one-click reports that are available for online viewing, printing or export. Reports address all areas ranging from detailed page logs to summaries by user, department, device or environmental impact. Administrators can create ad hoc reports by applying filter conditions, and reports can be emailed to specific people on a regular schedule.


Secure Device Access

PaperCut constantly incorporates the latest technology to provide innovative features for each device. One of the key features of PaperCut is user authentication – only allowing MFD access to authorized users. At the simplest level users can authenticate with network username and password via an onscreen keyboard. In addition many environments will implement ID card authentication. Card numbers can be extracted from your network’s user directory or a database (e.g. door access control system); alternatively users can self-associate their card on first use. Compatible card types include magnetic and barcodes, and PaperCut supports most USB card reader brands.


Web-Based Administration Access

PaperCut provides “out of the box” web-based administration access from any network location, enabling centralized management of every user and device. Web technologies make cross-platform support easy because there is no need for additional software to be installed and no web server configuration.  A key feature of the administration interface is the dashboard tab, an easy-to-read single-page view of the printing environment for administrators.   The Dashboard page utilizes a number of gadgets to present real-time information, such as system activity and status updates, along with trend information and statistics from past activity, such as number of pages printed  and environmental impact measures.


Secure Print Release

PaperCut’s Find Me printing feature enables users to print to a global virtual queue. Jobs are paused and only print when the user releases the job at any compatible MFD/printer, providing the following advantages:

  • Improved document security and convenience.
  • Reduces IT administrators’ need to manage multiple print drivers and queues for both workstations and notebooks.
  • Find Me printing minimizes waste and has been shown to reduce printing output by up to 20% in busy office environments.
  • Support for multiple release methods ranging from auto release on
    authentication to active release job-by-job.


Rules-Based Printing

Advanced scripting can be used to define and finely tune your printing policy and support your organization in eliminating waste and changing user behavior.

With PaperCut you can:

  • Automatically route large jobs to detected high volume printers
  • Encourage double-sided printing
  • Discourage or disable color printing by user group
  • Suggest more cost effective devices based on conditions (Least Cost Routing)
  • Allow free printing (e.g. during class times)


Mobile Printing Compatibility

Web-Print enables mobile printing from any device, including smartphones and tablets at any location. Combined with PaperCut‘s Find Me printing feature, users can securely release their job from any supporting MFD/Printer. Web-Print is simple to deploy and use and is fully integrated into PaperCut’s standard print charging, accounting and quota account methods.

PaperCut also features integrated Google Cloud Print, the only mobile print solution for Google Chromebook. Users can also send prints from iOS, Android devices, PCs and Macs or print directly from Google products such as Gmail and Google Drive. As print jobs are sent from mobile devices, desktops or Google Apps to the cloud print service, they are immediately tracked and controlled by PaperCut.


PaperCut Advantages for Public Libraries

Anonymous Printing PaperCut provides the ability for guest users to print anonymously. This solution provides a simple and convenient printing experience from any device, imposing minimal or no administrative inconvenience on the guest user as there is no need to set up accounts or network access for the guest.
Automatic Login The patron is automatically signed into PaperCut by signing onto a computer with their library card number.  At this point the customer has access to their very own web portal for adding value to their account, checking account balance, environmental impact statements, printing summary and even personal printing history.
Unlimited and Precise Reporting Reporting is unlimited and precise.  PaperCut utilizes SQL as its secure database for reporting, making auditing, collections and summary reports easy to access.
Manage and Support PaperCut Remotely PaperCut can be managed from a centrally-located server and accessed remotely from any device.  This reduces network architecture costs and makes the system easier to administer and support.
Real Time
Fleet Management
IT staff can oversee all output devices and vending kiosks on the network in real time from any location.  Automatic alerts can be set up to notify staff when a device is out of toner, offline, out of paper and more.
Windows Printing There are no delays in printing large files (PDF, TIFF, JPEG, etc.) because PaperCut utilizes Windows printing by sitting on top of the queue and simply holding and releasing jobs after page counting.  This is a much more efficient way of handling printing compared to other products.
Track Staff Printing &
Off-the-Glass Copies
The system can track all staff printing and off-the-glass copying.  This is done in the background and can be utilized to create rules and even bill back departments or individual staff members.  Embedded clients are available for all MFDs and interface with all major manufacturers of multi-function devices.
MFD Expertise TBS has expertise in working with all types of output devices, which is not common in the industry, giving our libraries the option of choosing from any manufacturer for their MFDs and providing  libraries with more options and savings.
Follow Me Printing/
Pull Printing
By utilizing Standard Windows Printing processes, patrons submit their print jobs centrally, then release and pay for those jobs at any location within your library system.


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