What Makes PaperCut Unique?


- Embedded MFD Solutions
  interfaces with all major MFD
- Track all Printers/MFDs
- Secure Print Release
- Control and Report Use
- Mobile Printing Compatible
- Integrated Google Cloud Print
- Browser based access
  Reports, Administrative Tools &
  Print Override from Any Location


        Supported Platfroms


Today’s MFDs are smarter. They have touch screens and the ability to run software directly on the device’s panel. PaperCut leverages this technology to bring new features to each device. PaperCut is easily configured and suitable for sites of any size regardless of environment, platform or MFD/printer make and model. PaperCut is currently utilized at over 50,000 sites worldwide and over 100 countries, making PaperCut a product you can trust and easily afford. 

- “Find-Me” Printing
- Enforce Print Policy
- Reduce Costs/Minimize Waste
- End-User Web Portal with Add
  Value & Secure Credit Card
- Track and Budget Staff Printing
- Platform Independent-supports
  Windows, Mac, Linux Novell
- Monitor Environmental Impact


                       MyPC Computer Reservation & Access Management





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