Computer Booking & Access Management

MyPC is the ultimate solution for enterprise-wide computer booking and access management for today’s technologies.

Don’t limit technology deployment plans due to the limitations of your computer management software. MyPC allows you to follow through with technology plans at your convenience by officially supporting systems and server technologies up to and including the latest versions of Windows Workstations & Servers.



Web-Enabled Staff Portal

The web-enabled MyPC staff interface allows for easy staff connectivity from any web-enabled device with a single view of computer areas and locations. There is no need for a hard client to be installed on staff stations.  Staff connect via a browser, so they can access staff functions from anywhere, on any device.  Most staff activities are done in the Booking Grid (see graphic below).

Powerful searching capabilities allow staff to quickly find the exact computer they are looking for. Attributes can be specified, allowing the user to make the best choices prior to booking a computer. Valuable time is saved with MyPC’s intuitive web interface, which provides an “at-a-glance” view of computer availability.  Set policies including hours of operation, holidays and maximum booking session lengths from anywhere.

MyPC Booking Screen
 EasyBooking Advantages
  • TBS Validation Smart Connect
  • Validation Multi-Layered Rules
  • Validation Smart Connect groups users by type
    (e.g. Home Library or Guest)
  • Self-Serve Booking Kiosk—Walk Up (At-Client), Next Available (Queued), Guaranteed Time, Future Booking or Specific Computer Reservations
  • RT™ Alerts—Notifies patrons via text message or email when their reservation is available
  • One-Click Multi-Rule Guest Passes with batch printing
    (e.g. 30 day, 2 hr., Youth, Teen, Adult) — Virtually unlimited


MyPC Advantages

  • Supports multiple branches from one central database
  • Utilizes Microsoft SQL Server Database
  • One-Click Multi-Rule Guest Passes with batch printing
    (e.g. 30 day, 2 hr., Youth, Teen, Adult) — Virtually unlimited
  • Windows and Mac OS compatible
  • Book computers from mobile devices
  • Seamless integration with PaperCut Print Management


 TBS Staff Portal

The TBS Staff Portal is the latest in developments from TBS.  The staff portal is a web-enabled centralized dashboard in which staff can perform management tasks.  The portal is a browser-based interface that allows staff to log in from any web-enabled device to do their work.

Management tasks include the Guest Pass App for printing and creating customized guest passes, Reprint and Staff Release functions, which will allow staff to reprint sent print jobs that did not print properly and to release patron print jobs.

Look for more innovative functionality to be added to the TBS Staff Portal in the near future.


Computer Reservation Station

MyPC allows for users to book a computer in the most appropriate method for your organization. MyPC offers Walk Up (At-Client), Next Available (Queued), Future Booking, Guaranteed Time and Specific Computer.  A quick booking option is available, automatically selecting a computer based on a specified date, location and session length.  MyPC includes booking options from any mobile device, including iPads, iPhones, Androids and Blackberry devices.

RT Alerts

The TBS RT Alert system is a text messaging and emailing system that notifies patrons when their computer reservations are available, allowing patrons the freedom to utilize other library services while they are waiting for their reservation to become available.


Web-Enabled Guest Pass Interface

The Web-Enabled Guest Pass Interface allows for the creation of virtually unlimited guest pass types, including area-specific guest passes (e.g. Adult, Youth, Teen).  This capability increases security with randomized numbers, a set length of digits and random 4-digit PINs, which assures that guests can only login and gain access to computers located in their assigned area (keeping adults in the adult area, children in the youth area and teens in the teen area).  MyPC can generate guest passes with varied session length limits (e.g. 2 hours, 1 hour, 15 minutes) and pass expiration dates or times (e.g. 30 days, 1 day, 1 hour).  Guest pass utility is multi-rule capable, allowing you to set the desired rules for each guest type (e.g. 30 minute passes for adults vs. 2 hour passes for teens). The possibilities of how many unique guest pass types can be generated by Guest Pass Interface are virtually endless! The interface features custom headers and footers that can be printed on the Guest Pass receipt.  Time stamps can also be printed on the Guest Pass receipts, so you always know when the pass was created.  Guest Pass templates can be configured for different departments within the library, allowing each department to have their own unique guest pass.



Certified TBS Validation Module

The TBS Validation Module uniquely provides capabilities for simultaneous rules.  The validation module can alert or block patrons at the login if they have any outstanding fees or fines and if they have overdue items.  MyPC’s inherent flexibility means that there are limitless possibilities for who can book which computer (e.g. adult, youth and guest) as well as session length.  It provides full support for user directories including Active Directory, Novell eDirectory and RM.  SIP2 and Patron API certified.  MyPC also supports the following client platforms: Windows and Mac OS.


Smart Device Booking

MyPC also includes booking options for iPhone, Android,  smart phones and tablets.


Search & Availability

MyPC simplifies booking and administration for staff and users. MyPC features a spreadsheet look and feel, allowing for simple point-and-click booking as well as administration from any remote location.



Powerful searching capabilities allow users and staff to quickly find exactly the computer they are looking for.  Computer attributes can be specified, allowing users to make the best choices prior to booking a computer. Valuable time is saved with MyPC’s intuitive web interface, providing an “at-a-glance” view of computer availability. Set policies including hours of operation, holidays and maximum booking session lengths from anywhere.


Optimize Utilization

MyPC allows users to view computer availability, reducing conflict and optimizing utilization. The Next Available booking feature automatically moves the user to the next available machine if a user ends their session early. MyPC includes a queued booking feature to queue users if all computers are booked. This feature ensures that waiting users will be booked for the next available machine.


Booking Properties

The Booking Properties box displays the resource name, user name, date, and start and end time for the session.  A patron’s session can be extended from this window.   Staff can also Shutdown, Logoff or Reboot a specific computer from the Booking Properties box.  A message can be sent to the user of one computer or all computers simultaneously. An optional component of MyPC is iSpy, which allows staff to monitor or control users’ computers remotely.  This feature requires a secondary password.  The Ban feature will ban the user and prevent them from logging on to computers controlled by MyPC.  This feature does not ban the user in the ILS.



MyPC provides comprehensive reporting on all aspects of booking types, no shows, attended sessions and booking method summaries. MyPC includes reports on computer usage and malfunctioning computers. User reports allow you to view banned users, ban history and how many individuals use the resources you provide. Statistics can be exported into common file formats including
Excel, PDF, CSV and many more.


Microsoft SQL Server Database

MyPC is a Microsoft SQL Server Developed Application is an enterprise-level database solution. Microsoft SQL Server is fast, secure and can maintain large quantities of data while supporting up to thousands of simultaneous users. The database provides scalability and maintains data integrity through recoverability, encryption and the ability to backup data at any time. By utilizing Microsoft SQL Server, MyPC can manage multiple branches from one central database to provide a true enterprise-level computer management solution.


Booking Receipts & Customization

Print or automatically send email booking receipts to users confirming their bookings.  MyPC also allows you to add your corporate logo and color scheme to the client logon (status screen), pop-up messages and booking screens.


MyPC Maps Module

MyPC Maps provides a simple way to design and present a floor plan of your chosen site(s) to clearly illustrate the location and availability of your bookable PCs.



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