Hardware Solutions

Our hardware Solutions include print release stations, print release/payment kioks and our new print release/payment kiosk can now accept credit cards a minimal transaction fee.

Multilingual High Speed Scanning for Any User- Simple to Use, Intuitive Technology to Scan, Translate and Send.
The TBS9900 series of payment kiosks allow users to complete transactions for printing, copying, scanning and faxing with coins, bills, major credit cards, via swipe or chip as well as NFC technology which includes HID, Apple Pay and Google Wallet, as well as other forms of NFC technology.
“The Simple Scan” - Simple to Use, High Speed Scanning for any User. A Self-Serve Scan Station –The BookScan Station is an easy to use touch screen scanning solution that can scan, save and send your documents or photos practically anywhere.

TBS offers multi-access payment kiosk to control access to and account for the usage of multifunction printer/copiers, microfilm reader/printers, and a variety of other equipment. Our unique modular design uses interchangeable kits, so they can be easily configured as coin only; coin and bill; coin and card; or coin, bill and card.
The CPad network terminal gives you access control and identification by card or login for print release that is no longer tied to a PC. This device is secure, and is controlled by a intuitive touch screen pad with a small size foot print to save valuable floor space.

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