Card Supplies

TBS offers the finest quality, custom printed ID cards, library cards and badges. As a supplier of custom plastic cards, TBS offers most of the more commonly used technologies including magnetic stripe, smart cards, bar codes, signature panels, proximity, and more. Often we combined multiple technologies for our customers onto a single card.

TBS offers TESLINĀ® superior synthetic paper solution for laminated cards, and key fobs with bar codes.
HID Proximity cards, are low frequency credentials that can be detected by a reader when the proximity card is passed within range.
TBS supplies high quality solid plastic library cards with a superior print and protective finish for strength and durability. Snap off key-fobs for attaching to a key ring are also available.
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Paul Mills - Executive Director of Fountaindale Public Library

"I have worked with the team at TBS for well over 10 years in a varitery of roles. The reason why I continue to work with TBS is because they are very customer service focused and are always looking for new opportunities to help libraries serve their customers better."

Brian Shepard - Director of Indian Trails Public Library District

"What I really appreciate about TBS is their commitment to providing high quality service to public libraries. They understand what we need; and their responsiveness to getting us what we need, at times, even before we realize we need it."